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Uniquely handmade clock for dog lovers

Uniquely handmade clock for dog lovers

Introducing our exclusive Handmade Upcycled from unwanted vehicle and metal parts special clock for dog lovers.  This unique and one-of-a-kind piece will add cheer and charm to any home.


Approximately size

 36cm x 33cm x 6cm

Weight     2.6 kg


 This artful creation showcases the dedication and skill of our artisans.

We ensure each surface is filed smoothly however please pay attention as it is made from metal parts. This is not suitable for children to play with.


This unique handmade clock is for dog lovers and a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, special occasions, Christmas, or anniversaries. These creative art gifts are lovingly crafted, welded, and painted in England (UK)


Experience the brilliance of our Handmade Upcycled clock for dog lovers, an artful and heartwarming clock. 

    69,99£ Normaali hinta
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