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I'm sure everyone knows just what the Dalek is and what they are capable of so getting to make them is really an amazing thing .The Daleks landed on our planet in Dalek spaceships to take over and " Exterminate" which they tried for a very long time to accomplish but luckily for us they didn't manage to ,well not yet anyway .

I really enjoy creating the Dalek replicas made in our own unique style and getting to paint them in all the different colours and sizes, making them move and to do what a Dalek does.

Each one is made from recycled car parts which makes them very strong ,creating from recycled car parts and metals is a great way of doing it as it helps the enviroment by giving the metals a second life and not just ending up on the scrap pile.

The Roadrageart Daleks can be made stationary ,partially moving, fully moving, mobile , etc to make them even more lifelike.

All of the work is done by Roadrageart here in the UK from start to finish and we can add extras or personalise to your requirements.

So if you are looking for something different ,maybe your a dalek fan or just want to brighten up the home /garden then this would be a great piece to add to any space.

Thank you for reading this and taking the time to a look at the photos / video

stay tuned for more soon

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